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Welcome New Dancers

(Did I say this before?) Square Dancing is a great way to have fun, keep active and get connected to people in your community. Clubs across the GTA dance regularly, usually from Sept to May.

Below are up-coming new-dancer friendly events. No experience or partner necessary. Check back regularly, paticularly in September & January.

Ask us about square dancing in your area. Email publicity@td-dance.ca.

Info Booth

Getting the word out

Here's our ad that appeared in the souvineer program of the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, Jun 24-25, 2022

Above is our ad that appeared in the souvineer program of the Canadian National Convention in Fredericton, Jul 21-23, 2022

We are sponsors of the Canadian Open Clogging, Square Dance and Step Dance Competition, which is part of the Dundalk Fall Fair Sep 10, 2022.

Our main advertising focus has been to support new-dancer open houses by member clubs in September, through paid Facebook advertising. Stay tuned for more details.

Interested in a square dance graphic license plate for your car? More info here