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Square and Round Dance Assn.

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Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association, Inc.

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Executive for the 2019 - 2020 Season:

Presidents Howard and Jean Lander
Past-Presidents Wayne and Sharron Hall
Secretary Sue Boyle
Treasurer Bob and Betty Beck
Joint Dance Director Dave Williamson
Publicity Niall O'Reilly and Terri Rothman
Web issues Webmaster


    What We Do

    In addition to co-hosting the Joint T&D Dances and providing bursaries, our activities include:

    Maintain our website:

    • informs the dance community of coming events
    • helps prospective dancers find clubs in their area
    • provides resources to find out more about square dancing world-wide

    Facebook and other promotional activities:

    • provides photos and news about the regional dance scene
    • lets you share photos to friends and family
    • helps promote new dancer intro nights to perspective dancers, targeted to geographic area and related interests

    Send out occasional mailings:

    • informs you of Association events and news from member clubs
    • provides an avenue for the Ontario Federation and member clubs to communicate to the wider dance community

    We invite you to become a member, and stay connected to the wider community of sqaure dancers across the GTHA.