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Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association, Inc.

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Executive for the 2019 - 2020 Season:

Presidents Howard and Jean Lander president@td-dance.ca
Vice-President Lorna Irwin vicepresident@td-dance.ca
Past-Presidents vacant
Secretary Sue Boyle secretary@td-dance.ca
Treasurer Bob and Betty Beck treasurer@td-dance.ca
Joint Dance Director Dave Williamson JointDance@td-dance.ca
Publicity Niall O'Reilly and Terri Rothman publicity@td-dance.ca
Web issues Webmaster webmaster@td-dance.ca


    What We Do

    In addition to co-hosting the Joint T&D Dances and providing bursaries, our activities include:

    Maintain our website:

    • informs the dance community of coming events
    • helps prospective dancers find clubs in their area
    • provides resources to find out more about square dancing world-wide

    Facebook and other promotional activities:

    • provides photos and news about the regional dance scene
    • lets you share photos to friends and family
    • helps promote new dancer intro nights to perspective dancers, targeted to geographic area and related interests

    Send out occasional mailings:

    • informs you of Association events and news from member clubs
    • provides an avenue for the Ontario Federation and member clubs to communicate to the wider dance community

    We invite you to become a member, and stay connected to the wider community of sqaure dancers across the GTHA.